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Producing a Commissioned Artwork

For the last thirty years I have been doing commissions of favourite scenes, house portraits, pets, and more recently horses. I can work from your own photograph or I am happy to visit you and meet your ‘special friend’. I then take several photographs from which you may choose the one that you feel shows your horse’s personality and physical attributes to the best advantage. This way I get a more intimate feeling for the animal, and this is apparent in the portrait. I then draw the subject in detail, which takes several days.

If there is a background scene rather than just a colour, I paint the sky and surroundings first. This sets the scene, establishes the time of day and gives an indication of where the light is coming from, in order to highlight the mane and body correctly and also the direction of the horse’s gaze.

Paintings take from ten days to several weeks depending on size and degree of detail, such as the inclusion of tack, rider or homestead if desired. The amount of detail affects the cost of the commission. Therefore I prefer to discuss each project individually.

I require a 25% deposit and the remainder on completion of the painting. However, in larger commissions progress payments are necessary.

Below is a step by step process of how your portrait will evolve
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